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broken record
i think i liked it more when you said "thank you" more than "i'm sorry"
when you said "i'm okay" more than "i'm stupid"
when you said "i love you" more than "i hate me"
when i said "you're welcome," "i'm glad," and "i love you too" more than I said
"it's okay"
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Sae realistic headshot sketch
Scaaaaaaaaaaales. Never again but shit do I like how they look. Her nose should be pointier, and her nostrils that you can't see are thin and sharp slits (like her pupils). Will try digitizing eventually.
At the Praxeum
I've been sketching these adorable "gayliens" a lot lately, but this was my partner in crime's favorite, :iconturel-sorenn:'s so I digitized it. Meet Ruka Tenbriss (left, Mirialan) and Corazon "Cora" Ya-ir (right, Pantoran).

We'd been talking about making a couple little yaoiboy twinks for awhile and finally did it and they're surprising us at every turn. I'm so in love with them already. The fact that their playlist is full of Avril Lavinge and Taylor Swift does not help, heh. Cora is going to be Light Side, while Ruka will go Dark, and while that separates them, they just want the best for one another (okay so Wicked is also a major inspiration). God help them we've also decided Turel and Satsi will be their respective "mentors" and the shipception as our characters ship one of our new ships is amazing even to this admiral. Also Klance from Voltron is our crack.

They're still in their early days in this pic, before they really become a couple, but they're totally into each other, hue.

Color bleed. Color bleed for daaaaaaays
Satsi vs C'ree
The real title tho is "Violent Gay Chicken".

Had a collaborative competition over at :icondarkjedibrotherhood: so :iconesayre: and I decided to draw our crazy gals clashing since we weren't big on any canon characters. Satsi, left, and his, C'ree, right. We realized we only had a day to do it, so super messy coloring haha. I did the sketch off of a Bleach panel for reference (Ichi v Grimm) and then colored that in Photoshop, while he made the weapons.

No tho but the conversation went like

me: (of a song) this is...kinda appropriate for C'ree's "tactics" and Satsi's lack of fucks to give about them

it'd turn into violent gay chicken until bloody lip kissing

Him: Oh this song xD

Violent gay chicken XDDDDDD

Me: *C'ree licks her face or blood trying to be creepy* Satsi be like "ya wanna play, sugah? okay" *tackle shove tongue down throat*
Me Small
Sae worries about Tobi sometimes. He is very small. She wants to protect him. Tag because Sae doesn't wear shirts or armor or understand clothes that aren't jewelry. 

Sae: "Me small. Protect."
Tobi: "Uh...Sae, I'm okay."

An excerpt:

Her arms came up before she knew they were being arms. She clutched him tighter. Stared at him. Her head was fuzzy-warm-dark-wool, and it smelled like warm wine and Tobi which was a nice smell and also like a cow which was less nice. Deciding she wanted more of the nice, she gently dragged the human higher up her frame, which was not hard, as he was little, and curled her back to lean closer, pressing her nose into his tiny brown cloud of curls and flaring her nostrils.

Good smell. Ye-ye.

The ifrit breathed deeply for a few moments, humming without realizing. The room was dark now, though she could see just fine, everything red-washed shadows. With one claw she brushed the spit-covered curl out of the human's mouth, tracing over his cheek before carefully setting her palm against it. He mumbled and sighed, curling into her, then stilled.

Her friend. Her small friend. If she had had one of those before, she couldn't remember. Remember was hard. Smell was easy. Tobi smelled good. Her small friend.

Is very small. And warms. And goods. Lots goods.

Good. The big kind of good. The kind of good that made people's faces do smiles and made her smile when she didn't know why. That was outside him and in him and bigger than he was because he was very small but had lots of good. Warm and big and good. Like the sun. Sun on her face. On her back. Wind in her hair. Open sky, hot sun, Tobi. Those were good things. He was a good thing. Yes.

Her golden eyes dropped down to the drink-hushed, slumbering human again, and she lifted a hand to pat his head. Careful. Careful. Like birdies. Little birdies in little nest. Because he was very small. Small. She broke small things. She broke lots of things. It was fun and she was good at it. But Tobi was small and not for breaking.

No-no-no, she thought, growling at the thought. She would break and tear and stomp anything that hurt her very small Tobi, whether it made him sad or not. Sad was bad, but cold and not moving and broken and bled was worse. Tobi was good. If Tobi was still Tobi then that was good. Yes.

No Tobi, bad. Tobi, good.

Her eyes drooped. She was warm and her head was good swimmy and all her everything felt nice and Tobi was nice and good and small and tucked close where she could keep him safe and she had a friend. It was good. Yes, good.
I decided to upload a bunch of my sketches from as far back as summer of 2015 to my Scraps folder, because 90% of the drawing I do is pencil drawings that never get penned/colored/digitized and so I don't upload much here. I figure this way it shows a little more, just discreetly/with due credit (because sketches aren't full deviations in my opinion).

I'm about a third or halfway through the hundred-ish I drummed up in my backlog files, we'll see about the rest tomorrow.

See :icondarkjedibrotherhood: for more art and the origin of all these characters.

EDIT: Well that took some days, but it's done, wooo. Now to wait another two years before I do it again.
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Star Wars fan, bigger Star Trek fan, and local troll. Member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, link below. If I drew it for the DB or one of its members, it's here.


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